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5 Real Haunted Houses Where People Have Died Mysteriously

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Halloween is right around the corner. And whether or not you like a good horror movie once in a while, everyone likes to get a little spooked during this time of the year. While we hear countless tales of haunted houses, there’s a lot of speculation behind them because no one can really tell whether or not the ghost stories are true. But believe it or not, there are actual haunted houses where mysterious deaths have occurred under unknown circumstances. While there could have been several reasons and explanations, many people think that these deaths were not natural and were instead caused by spirits who lived in the house.

The 5 real haunts where people have died mysteriously include:

  1. The Morris-Jumel Mansion
    Built back in 1765, The Morris-Jumel Mansion is thought to be one of the oldest haunted houses in America. The Georgian mansion, which was built by a British Colonel, served as George Washington’s headquarters in the time of the Revolution. Later, a French immigrant by the name of Stephen Jumel moved into the house in 1810 with his wife, Eliza. Three years after they had moved, in 1813, Jumel died mysteriously, after which his wife was made wealthy. It has been speculated that Eliza was the one who had murdered her husband because quickly after his death, she married former Vice President Aaron Burr. Though the theory is only supported and confirmed by psychics, guests who visit the mansion report seeing Mrs. Jumel and have experienced several paranormal encounters.

  2. General Wayne Inn
    If you’re into haunted houses, chances are that you’ve heard about this particular place. Built back in 1704, this Inn is not just known to house some remarkable guests like George Washington and Edgar Allan Poe throughout the years, but it is also famous for the paranormal activities that take place inside it. Most of the reported encounters have been with the ghosts of Hessian soldiers. These soldiers are known to have worn green jackets in the Revolutionary War and patriots are said to have killed and buried them in the Inn’s cellar. While you can still visit the Inn, it got a bad rep in the 1990s because the co-owner, James Webb was found dead in a 3rd-floor office in 1996.

  3. The Axe Murder House
    You guessed it, a murder with an ax occurred in this particular haunted house. On June 12, 1912, J.B Moore, his family, and two guests are said to have been murdered in their beds with an ax in this house. While it was a mystery case that was never solved, U.S. Senator Frank F. Jones was one of the suspects during that time. It is said that Jones was Moore’s business partner and the two had parted ways a few weeks before the murder. Because no one would like to live in a house where countless mysterious murders have occurred, the house now operates as a museum for those who are on the hunt for something exciting and spooky. If you’re feeling adventurous and daring, you can even choose to stay at the house where you’re likely to hear children’s voices and doors slamming.

  4. Haught Mansion, Brush Park
    This brick building served as a brothel for wealthy men looking for companionship in the mid-20th century. While the mansion is said to have been vacant years later, urban legend has it that several dead bodies, murdered gruesomely were discovered in the house’s cellar. What makes this haunted house story even more chilling is the fact that each of the bodies that were found is said to have been marked with what looked like a perfect circle. While no reason as to why the deaths occurred and who did it was found, the mansion still remains vacant, but visitors report of hearing noises and footsteps.

  5. The Amityville House
    There’s a reason why the Amityville horror house has not been made once but more than 5 times and why it's still called the scariest haunted story. If you haven’t yet seen any version of the movie yet, let us tell you what happened in the house. In 1974, Ronald J. DeFeo Jr., who was 23 at the time shot and killed his parents and siblings while they slept peacefully in their beds. While Ronald confessed to the murders and was sentenced to 25 years to life, George and Kathleen Lutz bought the house at a discounted rate just a year later. The couples lived there for a month but left in a hurry because they experienced countless paranormal activities during the 28 days that they stayed there. The couple claimed that they were awoken every morning at exactly 3:15am, which was also the approximate time of the DeFeo murders and their children started sleeping on their stomach, much like the siblings of Ronald J. Jr.

If the hairs on your arm are standing now, just wait until your visit these haunted houses. You'll be in for an even bigger scare when you experience paranormal activities. Find more real haunted places in New York.

Let us know in the comments below what paranormal encounters you've experienced at these haunted houses!



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