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Vale Cemetery - Schenectady NY Real Haunt

  • 907 State Street
  • Schenectady , NY
  • 518-346-0423
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The first burial plot in Vale Cemetery was dug on November 9th, 1857, for a four-year-old child named Noah Vibbard Van Vorst. Today there are over 33,000 occupied plots in the 100-acre cemetery. According to visitors, however, not all occupants are resting peacefully.

Some people have seen black and white ghosts walking about the grounds, and others have seen ghostly figures sitting in the trees. Eerie lights have appeared, and ghostly signing has been heard coming from the old church. Statues on the grounds have even been seen crying and bleeding from their eyes or the tops of their heads.
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  • Second trail entering from nott terrace

    Me and a few friends went here years ago and my buddy got touched by a spirit and once we got to the dead end and turned around we had multiple communications with either a spirit or multiple spirits at once. My father let me borrow his flashlight to bring with us to use and he put brand new batteries in it and when I got home I went to turn it on it was dead completely. So I had my dad turn it on and it was working no problem

    Posted 11/6/23

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  • Stay out

    Do not recommend going here at all whatever lerks here is not friendly it will harm u I have gone here and came out with scratches do not talk to the black figure keep walking stay out of the old part too that’s the witching grounds be careful

    Posted 3/22/23

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  • Don’t visit at night period!

    Already being sketched out by this place my friends and I went for a little late night paranormal thrill. As we drove in my heart sank to my stomach so I turned around immediately. As I passed some grave stones me and my two friends saw just a head peep out from behind a tombstone and quickly recede after we think it saw us. But it was just a head, nothing else. When we turned back it was gone, nothing there or behind. One of the tombstones being to excrete blood. This was the main entrance off of Union Street. We proceeded to the back route off of Degraff. None of us could even make it to the rear entrance to the old vale cemetery before hearing a child’s breath and rustling in the bushes. My one friend claimed she saw a little girl shadow with blood shot red eyes just standing by a tombstone. We felt eerie in the car up until we got to the next town over. We certainly know we will NOT BE RETUNING AT NIGHT. (PS great Pokémon spawn spot;) )

    Posted 8/4/21

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  • Weeping with the angels...

    I really wish I could submit pictures on here... I heard this cemetery was haunted and drove over 4 hours to get to it to take pictures for my photography class. When we got there it was like the sky changed. It turned gray and the dead trees contrasting against the sky automatically made me feel sick with grief. Next to angel statues in section I. There was someone standing next to an angel statue that had what looked like black tears running from it's eyes. Obviously I didn't want to take a picture of a random person standing there and looking at a grave, because that would be rude as hell, but something about them just standing there and looking up at the statues face just made my blood feel cold. I ended up getting a picture of them next to the statue by pretending to take a selfie, but when I looked at the picture they weren't fully there, their body only had it's head showing basically. Like, none of this sounds like something that makes s naw, but the situation just DIDN'T MAKE SENSE. When I moved my phone the person wasn't standing there anymore, and I questioned my mother, who I brought with me, but she didn't see anyone. I took a picture of the statue again and no figure was next to it, but there were more black tears running down it's face, dripping down it's stone throat and it's gray eyes were wider than I had noticed before. Something that made the rest of this even more scary was that every gravestone around the angel was laying face down, with moss growing over them.

    Posted 11/29/20

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  • Don't Walk The Old Section At Night

    My friends and I were headed home on a Thursday evening at 1:45 am and walked past Vale. My friend, a native to Schenectady said we had to walk through so we did. We proceded to walk through just to cut through to the bike path when we felt like someone was watching us. We picked up or pace a bit and just keept going. Not 10 min later, we saw a figure, black, standing near a statue of what looked to be an angel. (At the time we were not filled in on the history and that people have seen the statue "cry blood) We got scared so we were speed walking now just to try to get home. Somehow we got turned around in this confusion and we were standing in front of the path into the old Section of the cemetery. By this time it was 2:30 am so we looked up Google Maps how to get home and it's said if we continued on the path it would bring us back. What happened on that trail was unexplainable. Half way through this trail, already scared as can be seeing the creepy ruins of morgues and tombstones, we started to hear people running through the valley below us. We turned to look down the valley and behind us about 500 yards was a pale blue and white light that almost looked like a figure but you couldn't see a face. We at this point just ran. We heard voices on the hill crying and the footsteps keept getting louder but we were too scared to look until I heard someone calling my name. Thinking we left one of our 4 friends behind, I turned around. The air felt like it dropped 40 degrees in tempature and I felt a cold prick upon my sholder almost like someone touched me. I was covered in goosebumps, scared out of my mind and we all just ran. I swear upon this account and I can tell you one thing, I'm never returning to Vale cemetery after dusk.

    Posted 9/28/19

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